Arduino Uno / GRBL to HobbyCNC PRO Shield


Easy-to-assemble shield to simplify connection from an Arduino Uno running GRBL directly to a HobbyCNC PRO 3 or 4 Axis driver board.
No breakout board, super-simple wiring, opto-isolated inputs.
(Not included: Arduino UNO, GRBL or HobbyCNC PRO)

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Easy, one-cable connection to the HobbyCNC PRO 3 or 4 axis stepper motor driver board.
Kit is quick and easy to assemble. Greatly reduces wiring complexity. 5 opto-isolated inputs.
4th axis can be 'mirrored' from any of the other three axis.
Manual includes complete schematics specifically for the hacker!

• Arduino® UNO shield to connect to HobbyCNC PRO 3 or 4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board
• Requires:

o Arduino UNO
o GRBL V1.1 or higher
o HobbyCNC PRO 3 or 4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board

• Opto isolated inputs. X, Y and Z limit and Probe.
• External 6VDC power supply (110 VAC, US plug)
• Output to optional relay board. Spindle PWM, Spindle Direction, Coolant Enable.
• Motor Enable signal (Pin 1) to support HobbyCNC PRO Idle Current Reduction capability.
• Reset switch
• Reverse voltage protection
• Minimum of components to make assembly fast and easy.

Tools Required For Assembly:
• 15-25 Watt soldering pencil
• Side cutters
• Voltmeter
• 1/32” Rosin core solder
• Pliers

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