HobbyCNC Stepper Motors

HobbyCNC stepper motors are sturdy, reliable and dependable. All our motors are NEMA 23 form factor. These motors all have a double shaft – this allows the addition of a handle on the ‘back’ of the motor to allow manual adjustment of the axis (with the motors powered-off, of course!). HobbyCNC stepper motors are available individually, or can be ordered as part of a “COMBO” package with the purchase of the HobbyCNC PRO  stepper motor driver boards.

Our motors are 6-wire and are configured with a “Dual Shaft” to enable placement of a knob on the ‘other’ side of the motor to provide for manual adjustment (with the motors de-energized).

Available in two torques

  • 305 oz-in
  • 130 oz-in

Torque/speed curves, dimensions and wiring diagrams are available in our FAQ Stepper Motor Wiring and Dimensions.