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Guitar Hero World Tour Mechanical Switch Fret Upgrade Kit

Mechanical Replacement Fret Boards

Replace your worn or damaged ‘membrane’ fret board with reliable mechanical switches. 14 different designs to fit most combinations of game stations and guitar styles.

Available with or without switches.

Go to the Selection Guide to determine what board fits your guitar!

Guitar Hero Whammy Bar Repair

Repair Parts

Whammy Repair: Professionally printed, high quality replacement.

Replacement Ribbon Cable.  Neck Lock, Replacement Fret Switches, Replacement Strum Switches, Whammy Springs, Whammy bar E-clip.

T-10 Torx Flag Wrench, HobbyCNC


Okay, only two tools. T10 Torx key to open the back and neck of guitars. T6 Torx for World Tour Xbox 360 internals.


Guitar Hero STL 3d Print files HobbyCNC

STL Files for 3D printing

The mechanical switch modification requires you to ‘relieve’ the underside of the fret switches (see the Modify Fret Buttons page). Another option is to 3D print replacement fret buttons. Provided at no charge (and no guarantee!)