STL Files for 3D Printing of Fret Buttons

I’ve got an array of STL files for 3D printing of fret buttons. No guarantees.

Feedback please!

If you try any of these buttons, please give me some feedback via the form below.

What’s included in each zip file

Each zip file contains 6 files:

4 STL files with different amounts ‘removed’ from the bottom of the fret

  • 1.5_mm.STL
  • 2_mm.STL
  • 2.5_mm.STL
  • 3_mm.STL
    A full-height (15mm) version of the button with no side or end guides.
    Intended to help you judge what fret you will need to print.
  • Dimensions.PDF
    5 major dimensions to check prior-to and after printing.
Kramer Stryker WirelessV3---
Les Paul-XTG StyleV6
See Note 4
Red Octane WirelessV1---
World tourV3
See Note 1

Note 1

From: Le’pa

STL File Used: GH-BTN-LesPaul_360_V3

Feedback: Buttons for LP Xbox work surprisingly well in my WT PS2 🙂

Note 2

From: TD

STL File Used: GH-BTN-LesPaul_360_V2

Feedback: I printed the 360 LP V2 frets for the 360 GH5 guitar and they actually fit perfectly.

Note 3

From: BrianV

I’m pretty sure the Wii World Tour uses the same frets as the Wii Les Paul.

Note 4

From: Austin A

STL File Used: GH-BTN-PS2-SG-V2

I wanted to reach out and say thanks because I couldn’t find anywhere online that supported 3d printed fret buttons for my PSLGH PS2 guitar. I would like to happily report that the files here were a perfect fit for me, and I would recommend this file to anyone.

Printing Tips

Turns out (no surprise) there are many different dimensions and designs for fret buttons. Here’s some tips for printing or checking a design before you print.

Check Dimensions

For each design, I’ve provided a few key dimensions for you to check against your fret buttons AND to ensure your printed buttons came out the right size.

3D printers are not magically accurate – they need to be calibrated.

In the images to the right, you can see the dimensions I got from my 3D printer. I scaled the axis up by the calculated amount, reprinted, and had very, very close results.

Also, the X, Y and Z will likely require different calibration numbers. In the images to the right, my Z axis was good at 12.02 mm. X and Y notsomuch.


I appreciate feedback on what prints worked and what prints didn’t. Please, before you post comments/feedback:

  • Check the dimensions of your OEM fret button to the drawing
  • Check the dimensions of your 3D print to the drawing
  • Indicate the 3D file you used for the print
  • Describe what worked/didn’t work (photos are always nice)

You can post feedback below (bottom of the page) or to [email protected]

Your STL files

If you have an STL file that you have used successfully, let me know, I can post it as your STL or include a link to a file that exists elsewhere (like Thingiverse)


Guitar Hero Les Paul Frets Critical Dimensions
Guitar Hero Les Paul Frets Critical Dimensions

STL Fret Button Feedback

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If you want to send images, please forward them via email to support @ hobbycnc . com.