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3D Printing - HobbyCNC

STL Files for 3D Printing of Fret Buttons

I’ve got an array of STL files for 3D printing of fret buttons. No guarantees.

Feedback please!

If you try any of these buttons, please give me some feedback in the feedback section for each guitar type.

Printing Tips

Turns out (no surprise) there are many different dimensions and designs for fret buttons. Here’s some tips for printing or checking a design before you print.

Check Dimensions

For each design, I’ve provided a few key dimensions for you to check against your fret buttons AND to ensure your printed buttons came out the right size.

3D printers are not magically accurate – they need to be calibrated.

In the images to the right, you can see the dimensions I got from my 3D printer. I scaled the axis up by the calculated amount, reprinted, and had very, very close results.

Also, the X, Y and Z will likely require different calibration numbers. In the images to the right, my Z axis was good at 12.02 mm. X and Y notsomuch.


I appreciate feedback on what prints worked and what prints didn’t. Please, before you post comments/feedback:

  • Check the dimensions of your OEM fret button to the drawing
  • Check the dimensions of your 3D print to the drawing
  • Indicate the 3D file you used for the print
  • Describe what worked/didn’t work (photos are always nice)

You can post feedback below (bottom of the page) or to

Your STL files

If you have an STL file that you have used successfully, let me know, I can post it as your STL or include a link to a file that exists elsewhere (like Thingiverse)


Guitar Hero Les Paul Frets Critical Dimensions
Guitar Hero Les Paul Frets Critical Dimensions

Les Paul

Download and print your own Guitar Hero Fret Buttons.

X-Box 360: ZIP file contains 3 STL files and one PDF with critical dimensions to verify/confirm your print accuracy. The filename indicates the total height of the fret button.

  • GH-BTN-LesPaul_360 V2_12mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-LesPaul_360 V2_11.5mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-LesPaul_360 V2_11.0mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-LesPaul_360 web drawing.pdf.pdf

Expected to fit:

  • Les Paul Xbox 360
  • 11 and/or 11.5mm seems to be the sweet spot.

Submit comments on Les Paul frets.
Remember to specify the game system.

Feedback is submitted via email.

Stella – 27-Sept 2022

If I were to print 11.5mm for my Wii Les Paul, is it more likely to be too big or too small? If too big, should I sand it down to make it fit better? I haven’t printed anything yet because I’m outsourcing the printing so I wanna check before I pay anyone to do this?

Let me design/post the LP Wii fret buttons with my new, new design (details to follow). It seems that a 2mm inset (possibly 3) works well.

Nick – 25-Aug 2022

Hi, I was wondering if there was a 3d print file for PS3 Les Pauls. Turns out that assuming that Xbox 360 Les Paul frets fit the PS3 ones was a bad idea.

So far, I only have STLs for LP 360 (above) and LP Wii (not posted yet). I would need access to LP PS3 frets (a full set of 5) to measure.

Red Octane Wireless PS2

ZIP file contains 2 STL files and one PDF drawing

  • Red Octane Wireless PS2 11.5mm R0.stl
  • Red Octane Wireless PS2 12 mm R0.stl
  • Red Octaine Wireless PS2 R0.pdf

ASSUMED to fit:

  • Red Octane Wireless PS2

Submit comments on Red Octane Wireless PS2 frets

Feedback is submitted via email.



ZIP file contains 3 STL files and one PDF drawing

  • GH-BTN-Kramer 11 mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-Kramer 11.5 mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-Kramer 12 mm.stl

ASSUMED to fit:

  • Kramer

Submit comments on Kramer frets

Feedback is submitted via email.

Jason – 21 Sep 2022

I’m in the process of upgrading my Xplorer fretboard, so I printed off the Xplorer r0 STL file, and the dimensions for the wide U-shaped bracket on the side of the fret are a little off. My guitar measures an opening of about 15.50mm, but the external measurement of the U-shaped bracket on the fret I printed was 17.30mm. See photo.
Xplorer Test Print STL HobbyCNC Guitar Hero

Xplorer Fret Button STL Files

Download and print your own Guitar Hero Fret Buttons for the Xplorer.
ZIP file contains several files. The filename indicates the total height of the fret button – where 15 mm is the ‘stock’ height. r0 = Solid bottom, r2 = more “GH-Like” bottom

These files have not yet been verified on an Xplorer.

There are two different versions. I suggest you download both and compare your fret measurements with the drawings included in the zip file.

Feedback appreciated via the “submit feedback” button, below.

Submit feedback on your Xplorer fret STL experience.

Feedback is submitted via email.


WoR Fret Button STL Files

Download and print your own Guitar Hero Fret Buttons for the World of Rock.
ZIP file contains 4 files. The filename indicates the total height of the fret button and a .pdf with key dimensions to compare against your printed fret.

These files have not yet been tested on a WoR.
  • WoR r1 12mm.stl
  • WoR r1 11.5mm.stl
  • WoR r1 11mm.stl
  • WoR_Web r1.pdf

Submit comments on WoR frets

Feedback is submitted via email.


PS2 SG Fret Button STL Files

Download and print your own Guitar Hero Fret Buttons for the PS2 SG.
ZIP file contains several files (11, 11.5, 12, 12.5 & 13 mm). The filename indicates the total height of the fret button and a .pdf with key dimensions to compare against your printed fret.

These files have not yet been tested on a PS2 SG.

If you try this file, please provide feedback using the Submit Feedback button, below

Submit feedback on PS2 SG fret STL experience.

Feedback is submitted via email.


Fret Button STL Files

Download and print your own Guitar Hero Fret Buttons.
ZIP file contains 5 files. The filename indicates the total height of the fret button – where 15 mm is the ‘stock’ height. Solid bottom.

  • GH-BTN-06 13 mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-06 12.5 mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-06 12 mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-06 11.5 mm.stl
  • GH-BTN-06 11 mm.stl

Confirmed to fit:

  • Les Paul Wii
  • World Tour Wii
  • 11 and/or 11.5mm seems to be the sweet spot.

“Plunger” two-part fret test button

This is a two-part print that aids in the determination of what fret button length is necessary for your guitar. These are to aid in determining how short to make your buttons. They are not designed to be printed as final frets.
Then you can order/print/modify your own fret buttons to this dimension.

Guitar Hero STL Frets for mechanical switches

“Stock” fret button (left) compared to a ‘shortened’ fret button (right). The buttons are shown upside-down (top of the button is pointing down).

Note on shortened fret buttons

All the ‘shortened’ fret STL files available here are designed the same way.

The dimensions for the ‘top’ of the fret button are the same as the stock button, regardless of how short the fret button is. Look at the red line to see that the distance from the top of the button to the guides/stops are the same for both fret buttons.

As the fret buttons get ‘shorter’ I’ve removed material from the bottom of the fret button (the area above the blue line.

This should provide for the same look and feel as stock buttons, when the proper length of fret button is used.

Personally, I’ve found that when the fret button is just depressing the switch, by about 1 mm, this works the best. The fret button stays ‘pushed’ up to the stops, and only has to travel about 1 mm to make contact.


  1. Federico

    Hello , i want to give my feedback. I tested the short frets and they sink too much into the neck. I think that the best option would be the stock height fret with a 1mm depht on the bottom ( im not 100% sure about that measure , i need to make some more testing , but that would be a good estimate)

    • BrianV

      Thanks! I’ve added a new section to this page (Note on shortened fret buttons) to expand on the design concept. The shortened fret buttons *should* not sink into the guitar, if the length is ideal.

  2. John

    Howdy! I have tried printing out the shortened xplorer frets and found that the bits that stick out from the long side of the 3d printed frets are too far apart and do not slot into the xplorer neck.

    This ended up not mattering. The GH-07 fret board, when installed as-is with stock frets, did not have the mechanical switches compressed too much to prevent activation via pressing the frets on the neck. I posted a review on the GH-07 fret board with more information.

  3. Ray

    Hey there, I 3D printer the fret button stl file the 11.5 mm one, it doesn’t fit, my fret buttons doesnt have the right side shaping, it’s entirely different so it won’t even fit to the neck of the guitar, the way to solve this is to cut off the side that goes upwards but even then, the buttons feels really stiff to press, here’s the pictures for reference the green fret side length is 0.5 inch meanwhile the grey 3d printed one is 0.7, can you make one with out that side sticking upwards, and make a new model with the side shaping just like the green fret in the picture with the 12mm shortened fret

    • BrianV

      Fantastic photos! Yeah, I should be able to do that no sweat.
      What is the guitar/game system??

      • Ray

        WII World Tour Guitar

    • BrianV

      I emailed you a 12 and 11.5mm version w/o the side parts. Let me know.

      • Jesse Donovan

        Hi Brian, I have the same buttons without the tabs on the side going upwards. Would it be possible to get the files without the side parts on them if you have them? Cheers 🙂

        • BrianV

          I sent you “Red Octane Wireless PS2” to check.
          It’s the only one I know of that does not have the little gizmos you have to sand off.
          Let me know.

          • Brendan

            Brian, I am running into the same issue with the Wii Les Paul buttons. I printed the 11.5mm buttons, and they all hit in the same place as above in the images. Please can you send me a modified version that fits nicely. 🙂

      • Matthew Westcott

        Hey there. Would it be possible to also get the same 2 files please.

        I’ve just fitted the board into my pea Paul and the frets are too low so you can’t easily slide across the buttons.

  4. Anthony

    Hey there, I see that the shortened frets for the Les Paul only work for the Wii Les Paul. Any plans on making files compatible with the 360 Les Paul? If not, do you know where I can find it? Love the products. Thanks!

    • BrianV

      I finally got around to making updated STL files: GH-BTN-LesPaul_360 V2 (above). Compare your printed frets to the dimensions in the .pdf included in the zip file.

  5. Maximillian. S

    Hey I was wondering what type of button length would be needed for a GH-06 Fret Board for Guitar Hero PS2 SG Guitar. I am planning to do mech fret mod with an PS2 SG guitar controller hopefully and was wondering about what 3D printed button lengths will be perfect/suitable for the mech fret mod.

    • BrianV

      It seems that about 3 mm needs to be removed from the underside of the fret buttons, leaving a 11.5 – 12 mm tall button.
      YMMV. Measure twice, cut once. You can ‘fine tune’ the feel using some coarse sandpaper and elbow grease.

  6. Carter C.

    Hi, I am modding a Wii Les Paul and wondering what length is best. I saw 11-11.5 mm but what works best? The full guitar is a red octane Les Paul for Wii, GH-03.

    • BrianV

      I’d start with 11.5. You want the fret button slightly pressing down the switch to minimize fret travel, keep the feel crisp and so the fret buttons don’t rattle.
      You can depress the switch about 1 mm safely (YMMV).
      If the 11.5 is too long, you only need to sand off a little-at-a-time to get that perfect feel.
      I’d appreciate your feedback after you give it a try.

  7. Flatliner

    So the 360 Les Paul and the Wii Les Paul/WT buttons seem to have nearly identical measurements. The 360 Les Paul buttons seem to fit both Wii World Tour and Wii Les Paul. I am not sure how well they fit 360 Les Paul, but have had a few people try them on 360 World Tour and they do not fit properly. So I assume the wii wt, wii lp, and 360 lp all use the exact same buttons, but it seems the 360 world tour is very slightly different. It seems the 360 WT requires the c shaped side guides to be moved back around 1mm. Currently attempting to adjust the 360 Les Paul buttons to fit on the 360 wt guitars with the help of a friend.

    Will post back with my findings, but so far seems those 3 guitars all use the same buttons with the 360 WT being the odd one out and off by only 1mm due to the side guides.

    • Flatliner

      So recently had someone test the xplorer frets on a 360 xplorer and they did not fit seems the side guides(C’s) on the sides are to long. Will reply with more info soon as I play around with the design might be able to get you some exact measurements.

      Also found out today the Wii LP/WT Buttons should also fit Wii GH5 guitar.

      Was able to get the 360 LP buttons to fit on the 360 WT by moving the side guides(C’s) back exactly 0.8mm.

      idk if your able to contact me privately through email if so I would be willing to send you the .stl’s with the adjustments I’ve made if you would like.

      • Austin

        I just printed the Xplorer buttons for my 360 and i can confirm the guides are about 2mm too wide. My stock buttons measure anywhere from 14.5 – 14.9mm where the print meastures about 16.7mm

        • BrianV

          Well, I’ve got some free time, so I’ll revisit the design. I no longer have the physical frets to measure, so I’ll have to trust my notes.

  8. Tyler

    Stupid question, but the world tour guitar and the guitar that came with GH5 are the same guitar right? I’m trying to figure out which frets to print for the mechanical mod. The Xbox 360 GH5 guitar specifically.

    • Flatliner

      The wii WT and GH5 use the same frets I cannot say for other systems have only tested on Wii guitars. I do think they have some internal differences, but should use all the same buttons fret, starts, and star power.

  9. Anthony

    Just printed the buttons for the xbox 360 Les Paul and they don’t seem to be right. The way the side guides are placed on the button make the button sit too far to the flat side (opposite the rounded side) of the button and they won’t slide in completely.

    Here are some photos. You can see when you line up the printed button with the original side guides, the rest of the button does not align.

    • BrianV

      Very nice and helpful photos! I’ll look into it. These things are a PITA (Pain In The A$$).

      • Anthony

        I got them to fit by moving the guides on the side towards the flat end of the button by 1mm.

        I can email them to you.

        • Dave

          I’d love to have a copy of those updated files if you wouldn’t mind sharing. I have to order mine so testing isn’t practical for me.

        • Robert

          I have this exact same issue. Would you mind sending me the fixed files?

        • Matt

          Hey there. Would you be able to email me the files at all please? I have the same issue!

        • Flatliner

          I had to make the exact same adjustment for them to fit a 360 WT think I did .8mm and it worked out. You for sure have a 360LP and not a WT/GH5? If so I think there might actually be 2 different versions of the 360LP. The hobbycnc design worked out good for 2 of my friends 360LP without the need for any adjustment.

          Definitely possible there are 2 versions as the wii lp has 2 versions with a different fret design.

      • Robert

        Has this issue been resolved? I need to pay someone to print out my buttons and want to make sure they are going to fit!

      • Flatliner

        Could not agree more! I’ve been trying to design every printable part for every model of guitar. Its never ending with all the models and some models have multiple versions too. Seems like such a waste of time and money to make such small changes to every new model instead of reusing a lot of the same designs/parts. Like every single button/part has some very small difference very annoying lol.

  10. Anthony

    hello, i currently have 5 xbox 360 guitars and wanted to mod them all with your wonderful mechanical fret boards but im not too good with modding the 3d prints to fit my guitars exactly as im very new to all this so i was wondering if maybe i could test some prints you might want to have tested with my specific guitars to try and find the perfect size/fit for me and anyone else who decides to mod the same xbox 360 guitars that i have, ill list what i have below

    les paul
    guitar hero 5
    legends of rock
    world tour

  11. Dmitriy

    Maybe stupid question but I have a ps2 red octane kramer and just messed up the buttons so i’m looking to print new ones. Would I be using the red octane files or the kramer files as templates?

    • Dmitriy

      sorry for the double comment, after looking at the other page I realized I should use the kramer. Is the 12mm the stock button? Also would you happen to know the stock height of the silicone membrane all the guitars come with? I made it most of the way through a fret mod only to discover that the neck doesn’t have enough space to house the keyswitches I put in so I’m trying to measure how high the buttons have to be before I send them to the 3d printer

  12. Dmitriy

    I had a question about installation of the GH-11 Fret Board for Kramer combined with kramer switches printed using one of the STL files here. I recently tried to mod my frets with some cherry mx switches I had laying around, only to find that the buttons were far too thick thus making it impossible to close the neck due to the pcb being offset from the buttons so that they weren’t depressed constantly.

    If i were to print the 11 or 11.5 mm buttons and combine them with the fretboard with switches attached do you know if it would fit in the kramer controller neck?

  13. Beard

    Hey there, I’m a little worried about getting shorter frets because I already have to put some cardboard behind my fret daughter board to get the buttons to register with the 15mm ones. Will it still work about the same or am I going to have to add more cardboard and just hope it works?

  14. Robert

    Just popped open my GHWT 360 guitar. Fret buttons are identical to the Les Paul 360 except they are about 0.5mm taller. Its definitely a different mold because there is printing on the underside of the fret which is absent on the LP. I’m going to print some sets of the 11.0 and 11.5 buttons and try them in each guitar. Ill post how they fit in the GHWT 360 guitar, since I think that is another pretty popular one and I don’t see it listed above.

  15. Anonymous

    I said the buttons were taller in my previous post. The button height is actually identical but the rails are ever so slightly taller and wider. I took a bunch of pictures, and I’m hopefully getting a precise set of calipers in the next couple of days.

  16. Rob

    What size would probably be best for the Kramer? I feel like 11.5 might be a good starting point since that seems to work for other guitars.

  17. Aaron

    are there any STL files for the Warriors of Rock guitar frets, or will I need to carefully trim out the underside of the ones I have now?

    • BrianV

      There is now.

  18. Maximillian. S

    What length buttons would be suitable for a mech fret wii world tour guitar. Would 12mm or 11.5mm be the best fit for them.

    • BrianV

      It seems that 12mm (a 3mm reduction) is a good start. Ideally, you’ll want the fret button to be in contact with and slightly pressing on the top of the switch. If that pushes a little too far – that is, it holds the fret pressed – then sand off 0.5mm or so and try again.

      • Maximillian. S

        ok thanks


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