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Etsy Site

Selling Pi Pico modded plastic guitars for Clone Hero

Guitars that have been converted to USB and upgraded internally to higher quality components for use with Clone Hero on PC. Features include:

  • Raspberry Pi Pico (to allow the guitar controller to work with Clone Hero)
  • Plug & Play (requires no setup on PC, configured using sanjay900’s guitar configurator)
  • HobbyCNC Fret PCB with Kailh Choc Low Profile Yellow Switches (replaces the standard PCB and silicone membrane)
  • 3D Resin Printed Frets (same stock height as standard frets with lower actuation point)
  • and more . . .


PlasticFunVessels, operated by a stay-at-home dad/nerd in Texas, is an Etsy store that specializes in three product sections for the Clone Hero community: 
  1. Currently the only North American reseller of Raphnet-tech adapters, imported from Japan and offering both V3 Wii & PSX adapters as of August 2021. In addition to Clone Hero, Josh’s customers have also used Raphnet adapters for Dance Dance Revolution, Classic NES, N64 Emulators and even communityware like MiSTer! You can also find the link for PFV under the Resellers section for each of the aforementioned adapters product page, on the Raphnet-tech website.
  2.  Installation of aftermarket mechanical fretboard modifications, using the excellent GH-xx line of products from HobbyCNC! *made-to-order, boards ordered on demand from HobbyCNC depending on the guitar!
  3. PREMIUM, meticulously tested and cleaned Guitar Hero controllers, often with a mechanical fretboard from HobbyCNC installed and even new strum switches if the need arises! Specializes in finding guitars that are in the original box, but also has more affordable inventory on hand at all times! Prices range from $60-$250 dependent on quality alone. 🙂
PlasticFunVessels will also repair any guitar you send their way, and caps their labor at $30 regardless of how long a fret modification or repair takes!”


Custom Guitar Hero Fret Buttons (United Kingdom)

Hello there!

I am Liam/Obscureaausage from SausageMods on Etsy and I make high quality, highly customisable epoxy resin fret buttons for Guitar Hero controllers!

These epoxy resin frets can be any colour you wish, in different styles of colour using different methods of colouring the resin.

These frets can also be reduced to fit modded guitars that hold mechanical switches and are a good alternative to having to modify your own stock buttons.

Many people have been using my frets for a while now and absolutely love them! This is reflected in my highly rated Etsy store with testimonials from many people across the globe who love the look and feel of their new SausageMods frets!

Visit my Etsy store to find out what sort of frets you can get that are hand made to order just for you, some can even get lettering in the top of the frets!



Hello all! I am a music teacher from Texas who enjoys playing rhythm games and fixing things! I enjoy upgrading, repairing and customizing old guitar hero controllers and making them work better! 

I have now begun offering 3D printed frets compatible with HobbyCNC boards via my ETSY shop! If you have wanted to mod your guitar but hollowing out or 3D printing your own frets doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, hop right in and purchase a set from me!