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HobbyCNC DIY CNC Router Plans make a great starting point for building an inexpensive 3-Axis CNC router from readily available parts. No fancy drive components or materials. 96 pages total with 49 pages of detailed drawings.
If you want to check-it-out first, you can download the plans for free (without the measured drawings), look for the link in the Description section, below!

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HobbyCNC DIY CNC Router Plans are very thorough, 96 pages total, 49 pages of detailed drawings. includes complete bill-of-materials.  Lots of dimensioned drawings, illustrations and photos.

There is one part (the axis drive screw) that is made from common hardware-store components, but it does require welding. I have been reminded several times that a welder is a not-so-common tool, so I made up some Axis Drive Nut & Antibacklash Kits so you can avoid welding.

The plans are provided as a digital (PDF) download. Plans Current Revision: 03. If you want to see all the plans not including the measured drawings, feel free to download a PDF here: DIY-CNC-Router-Plans-HobbyCNC no drawings.

Watch this machine in action

Your purchase will entitle you to download all future revisions of these plans as they become available.  Select Downloads from your Account page

For questions, comments, requests or suggestions, use the HobbyCNC DIY CNC Router Plans Forum  (login required to post).

Some reader comments

I have scoured the net for many DIY designs and found many are over-complicated or not well thought-out; 2 aspects that your design does not suffer from.  – Warrick H
This is an excellent piece of work. Very high quality document. Really nice design. Thank YOU! – Dave B

Rev03 updates:

  • 96 pages total, 49 pages of detailed drawings
  • Consolidated, single parts list for parts to purchase
  • Added example sources to parts list
  • Improved organization of drawings, added drawing list
    (all consolidated at the end of the instructions)
  • All drawings converted to Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Added metric dimensions to all drawings
  • Download a PDF of the plans not including the measured drawings, here: DIY-CNC-Router-Plans-HobbyCNC no drawings.

Creative Commons License
DIY CNC Wood Router by HobbyCNC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Additional information


Discussion Forum
My Machine in Action
Material Selection
Other things to consider
Cutting Diagram
Parts List
The Base
The Cross-Dowel Jig
The drive nut and anti-backlash assembly
Linear Bearings
The X-Axis
The Y-Axis
Stepper Motor Mounting
Limit Switche
Stepper Motor Wiring
Cable Managemet
Wiring the electronics
Change Log


96 pages total, 49 pages of detailed drawings

Table size

36" x 24"

Max stock size

Approx 30" x 20" x 4"


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