HobbyCNC DIY CNC Router Plans
Plan_Cover_PageDimensioned_DrawingHobbyCNC DIY CNC Router PlansHobbyCNC DIY CNC Router PlansHobbyCNC DIY CNC Router PlansHobbyCNC DIY CNC Router Plans

DIY CNC Router Plans


HobbyCNC DIY CNC Router Plans make a great starting point for building an inexpensive 3-Axis CNC router from readily available parts. No fancy drive components or materials.


Product Description

Plans are very thorough, include bills-of-materials for each section.  Lots of dimensioned drawings, illustrations and photos.

There is one part (the axis drive screw) that is made from common hardware-store components, but it does require welding. I have been reminded several times that a welder is a not-so-common tool, so I made up some Axis Drive Nut & Antibacklash Kits so you can avoid welding.

Digital (PDF) download.

Plans Current Revision: 02

Additional Information


Material Selection
The Base
The Cross-Dowel Jig
The drive nut and anti-backlash device
Linear Bearings
The X-Axis
The Y-Axis
Stepper Motor Mounting
Limit Switches
Stepper Motor Wiring
Cable Management
Wiring the electronics




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