Stepper Hookup Wire


6 Conductor, 22 gauge stepper hookup wire, unshielded.
Price is per foot.  Cut wire is not returnable.

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Stepper Motor Hookup Wire is used between the HobbyCNC board and your stepper motors. Complete specs under the “Additional Information” tab.

When ordered with a combo kit, this length will be in addition the 14 feet included in the combo kit (one length, uncut).

Additional information

Weight 0.032 lbs

Conductor: 22 AWG 7/30 Stranded Tinned Copper
Insulation: Color-Coded Polyvinylchloride
Temperature Range: –20° to +80°C — AWM, 75°C — CM, 60°C — CMG
Nominal Insulation Thickness: 0.010"
Jacket Thickness: 0.032", Slate PVC Jacket
Cable Styles: UL Type CM, AWM 2576 CSA CMG FT4 Rec

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