About HobbyCNC

About HobbyCNC.com

HobbyCNC sells a variety of high-quality CNC products from stepper motors to CNC kits for the hobbyist. Our website has received over 1 million unique visitors and 15 million hits. We are committed to bringing you the best product, support and service at the best possible value.

HobbyCNC was established in 1999 by Dave Rigotti in Chesterland, Ohio. Dave needed a solution for driving stepper motors in order to create complex foam shapes to support his radio-controlled airplane hobby. That solution evolved into the original HobbyCNC products, the 3ADBK boards.

Over several iterations, the product developed into a more general purpose stepper motor driver board, still targeted at the hobbyist market – low cost and assemble-it-yourself.

Dave retired in December of 2015 and I purchased the business and Intellectual Property of HobbyCNC (before this I was a HobbyCNC customer). I kept the same vendors to ensure the same high-quality, reliable product is still available. I also continue Dave’s original vision of keeping costs down to keep the product within reach of the hobbyist.

Should you have any questions, please visit our contact page. Post-sales support is handled through our FAQs and forums.  Everyone can read our support forums, but you must register in order to post.