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See beautiful guitar pickguards cut by our home-built CNC (using your HobbyCNC motor driver) at volector.com.  I control my CNC router table with a PC running LinuxCNC under Ubuntu Linux

K.G.H. Nicholes

In 2005, I purchased a HobbyCNC 4AUPC kit and it worked well for 12 years.

An intermittant problem surfaced recently. After a lot of troubleshooting, I was able to isolate the problem to one of three modules. As a last resort, I called HobbyCNC to order a new driver board kit to try.

Brian suggested some simple tests. Measuring the output voltage of the G-code interpreter power supply was one of them. It had tested fine earlier. This time, I observed the voltage slowly sinking to 4.3 volts. I built the supply 12 years ago. Replacing the supply solved the problem.

Brian provided excellent tech support on a HobbyCNC product sold years earlier and the problem turned out to be with my own hardware. Tech support this good is hard to find.

David B.

I started my build about 7 years ago, life, family, and new house started, so it got put on the back burner. Fast forward to now, and I had a few problems to deal with after forgetting more than I knew about my CNC router. Contacted Brian at HobbyCNC and got all my issues resolved. Can’t thank him enough! Thank you Brian, up, running, and making money!!

A. Troutman, NC

Thank you for getting me into the CNC world where I made my own cnc router, purchase an industrial one and where now I am in business.

Luis H

I look forward to doing more business with HobbyCNC. MY site is car-speaker-adapters.com, I make car speaker adapters, with my 3 CNC routers, all powered by your drives and motors. I am building my 4th CNC router now.

Michael M

I just wanted to say thank you for providing the best low-cost easy to assemble CNC controller boards. Your products have permitted me to get into the world of CNC without breaking the bank. It has been loads of fun.
I have enjoyed being a member of this forum and I have learned so much from what others have shared. Thank you fellow members for sharing your experiences and good luck to you all.

Richard S

I have been using and enjoying your products since 2000. Thanks for all of the fun.

David S

I have one HobbyCNC board fitted to my home made MDF router for past 10 years and it never let me down.

Seamus, Ireland

My recent order will constitute about my 10th HobbyCNC board. Some of my boards are closing in on 10 years old, and still working very well. Thanks much, and I’m glad you guys are still around.

Dana F

Thanks for your quality products and great business sense. I enjoy my HobbyCNC equipment and enjoyed sharing it and your business with students and faculty over the years. Devoted fan and customer.

Jay G

I just want to say you should Thank Your Lucky Stars if you own a HobbyCNC driver board. I owned a 4 driver board for many years and it worked Perfectly until I did something stupid and blew it. Since they don’t make that board I needed to try other drivers. Four individual drivers, $280 and a breakout board another $50 to get what cost you much less for 3 axis board from HobbyCNC. Not to mention great support and excellent documentation. I don’t how or why Dave Rigotti does such a great deal for us, but again Thank Your Lucky Stars that you found him.

Art M

Thanks for a great, affordable product! I have been using your 3 axis PRO board for many years and it has worked flawlessly. I recently added the 4th axis, and now all 4 axis are working with no problems whatsoever.