GH-07 Fret Board for Xplorer 5 Guitar on Xbox 360

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Replacement fret printed circuit board for the Xplorer 5 Guitar on Xbox 360. EExact replacement for original board. Uses the same wiring. Can be ordered as a board only or board with 5 switches installed.

NOTE: there are two different boards for the X-Plorer. Please check carefully on the Guitar Hero Selection Guide.

This is a kit. Basic soldering skills are required. Modification to the underside of the frets is required (see Modify Fret Buttons). A T-10 TORX driver is needed to open the guitar back/neck.

To verify compatibility with your guitar, reference our Guitar Hero Selection Guide.

You can find the GH-01 upgrade process here: Guitar Hero GH-01 Fret Switch Upgrade.

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Guitar Hero Explorer 360 Mechanical Switch Fret Upgrade Kit

Guitar Hero Xplorer 360

This is a do-it-yourself upgrade from the flexible membrane switches to more reliable low-profile keyboard switches. Uses same mounting holes and ribbon cable as the original board. Basic soldering skills are required. May be ordered with or without switches.

You will need a T-10 TORX driver to open the back of the guitar. See the Fret Board Upgrade Instructions.

To verify compatibility with your guitar, reference our Guitar Hero Selection Guide.

Watch sixstringcal do the GH-01 install/upgrade - and at the end of the video, watch him shred the upgrade: YouTube

Product is sent via USPS First Class mail, padded envelope. Shipping charges applied at checkout.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × .4 in
Switch Option:

Board Only (no switches), Dark Yellow – Linear | 70g, Burnt Orange – Tactile | 70g, Pale Blue – Clicky | 70g, Red – Linear | 50g, Brown – Tactile | 50g

1 review for GH-07 Fret Board for Xplorer 5 Guitar on Xbox 360

  1. John (verified owner)

    (I posted another comment but wanted to add information)
    Worked great. Would like to make some notes:
    – I have a GH08 and a GH07. One of them had all PH screws and did not require a T10. I don’t recall which.
    – The fret boards on both of my guitars were held in place by PH screws.
    – I did not find it necessary to modify the fret buttons on my GH07 guitar. When installed with stock frets as-is, the mechanical switches were not pushed down enough to prevent activation by pressing the buttons.
    – The back of the mechanical-switches-installed fret board has some bits which protrude out the back. These bits collide with some plastic supports inside the neck of the guitar (which were meant to keep the flat-backed original fret board from flexing), causing the new fret board to flex in the direction of the frets when assembled. I was able to remove the supports with pliers, and then needed to fill that space back in with something else (I used paper towel, but folded electrical tape comes to mind as an alternative). Filing down the supports would likely have been a better solution, but I was impatient.

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