Whammy Repair Base


Replacement Whammy Bar base to resolve the floppy whammy bar problem.
One color only. Perfect fit. Excellent DIY project. Minimum tools needed.
Includes one spare Whammy Retention Clip (PN 61-0016).
NOTE: There are (at least) three designs. Refer to the images below to verify if you need a -01, -02 or a -03.

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NOTE1: There are at least three different designs for this part. One being the mirror opposite of the other. Please double-check your guitar layout per the photos below.

NOTE2: The hole for the actual whammy bar is provided undersized and you will need to enlarge it to create the tension/fit you want on your whammy bar.

Guitar Hero Whammy Replacement base

Guitar Hero Whammy Replacement base

This is a reasonable DIY project for repairing the broken Guitar Here Whammy bar.
A small 'tooth' breaks off and the whammy bar just 'flops around' as there is no longer any spring tension returning the whammy bar to 'neutral'.
This is an alternative to the 'rubber band' approach, which works well, albeit a bit hinkey of a fix.
If you'd prefer to do it right, consider this replacement part.
It's only available in white, but that's a small price to pay for a working whammy bar.
Plus, you might get to share some new words with your family and friends!