Replacement Ribbon Cable


Guitar Hero repair/replacement ribbon cable.
12 or 18 inch length.
Stripped/tinned ends.
8 conductors 28 Gauge, stranded.

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Guitar Hero repair/replacement ribbon cable.
Use the 12 inch to replace the ribbon cable from the fret PC board to the connector.
Use the 18 inch if you want to remove the neck/guitar connector and 'hardwire' the neck.
Ends are pre-stripped and solder-tinned.
8 conductors. For guitars that only need 6 wires, it is easy to peel off two of the wires.
NOTE: image shows 'rainbow' colors. May also be grey with a red-strip on pin 1.

Additional information

Weight .031 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .5 in


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