Arduino / GRBL First Test

I’ve been planning for a while now to test the Arduino Uno and the GRBL CAM software with my HobbyCNC PRO board. I was certain it would interface, but I wasn’t keen on having to learn all the bits necessary to get it working.

  1. Upload/Flash the GRBL image to the UNO.
  2. Find a G-Code “Sender”.
  3. Understand the core GRBL configuration settings.
  4. Solder a test cable from the Ardunio to the HobbyCNC PRO
  5. Load a sample G-Code file and test

And I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work great!  I still need to make adjustments for speed, acceleration, etc, test the motor enable, and lots more. But, for “right out of the box”, the damn thing worked!

Here’s a video of the initial test. So far only the Step and Direction for X, Y and Z-axis are connected. Most of the GRBL settings are “right out of the box”. This is all connected to a board on my Bed of Nails test jig.

I’ve still got to set parameters for steps per rotation and microstepping and such, as well as testing the stepper enable and limit switches and stuff. I plan to make a “shield” that will connect the Arduino to a 25pin female connector compatible with the HobbyCNC PRO pinouts.

You can find more information on the HobbyCNC PRO and Arduino page.