I’m DIY CNC Router Plans, HobbyCNCdelighted to share that we just had the 1,000th download of our DIY CNC plans! I have such fun with my home-built machine that I wrote-up the plans, documented all the dimensions and assembled it into 72 pages of instructions.

It is a pleasure and an honor to see so much interest in our DIY CNC Plans and the simple build-it-yourself design. It is simple (plywood, aluminum angles and skateboard bearings), but it is more than sufficient to experiment with CNC without breaking the bank.

Revision 3 of our DIY CNC Plans is in the works now (Update: Rev 3 DIY CNC Plans are released!) with:

  • dimensions in imperial and metric
  • all drawings moved to Fusion 360 
  • Bill of materials consolidated into one large BOM
    (was one BOM per section/assembly)

I’m planning to make the CAD drawings available for purchase also, if you want to modify the design.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded our plans!

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