Will It Ever End?

Guitar Here Whammy Bar Repair - different parts?

Written by BrianV

April 3, 2022

I’ve asked many times before, why couldn’t all the various Guitar Hero Engineers agree on a standard design?

Perhaps it was copyright, perhaps patents, perhaps NIH. Who knows (or really cares).

Anyhow, I designed and had professionally printed a whammy bar repair part (the one on the right in the image above).

Looks good, works good. I was pleased. Then a question from a potential customer – and lo-and-behold, it appears there are DIFFERENT DESIGNS of this damn part too!  What seems to be a mirror opposite design. Sigh.

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This is why I need to count on the user base to feed me information on all these deviations, variations, and options, so I don’t need to go broke buying guitars I’ll never use!

Okay, I’m done complaining. As always, your photos and input are much appreciated.

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