GH-03 Fret Board for Les Paul Guitar on Wii

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Replacement fret printed circuit board for the Les Paul Guitar on Wii. Exact replacement for original board. Uses the same wiring. Can be ordered as a board only or board with 5 switches installed.

This is a kit. Basic soldering skills are required. Modification to the underside of the frets is required (see Modify Fret Buttons). A T-10 TORX driver is needed to open the guitar back/neck.

To verify compatibility with your guitar, reference our Guitar Hero Selection Guide.

You can find the GH-01 upgrade process here: Guitar Hero GH-01 Fret Switch Upgrade.

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Guitar Hero Les Paul Wii Mechanical Switch Fret Upgrade Kit

Guitar Hero Les Paul for WiiThis is a do-it-yourself upgrade from the flexible membrane switches to more reliable low-profile keyboard switches. Uses same mounting holes and ribbon cable as the original board. Basic soldering skills are required. May be ordered with or without switches. You will need a T-10 TORX driver to open the back of the guitar. See the Fret Board Upgrade Instructions.

To verify compatibility with your guitar, reference our Guitar Hero Selection Guide.

Watch sixstringcal do the GH-01 install/upgrade - and at the end of the video, watch him shred the upgrade: YouTube

Product is sent via USPS First Class mail, padded envelope. Shipping charges applied at checkout.

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With Switches, Board Only

2 reviews for GH-03 Fret Board for Les Paul Guitar on Wii

  1. Chris Gilbert (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, super easy to set up, and took about 10 minutes. I haven’t soldered anything in over 10 years and still got it done first try. I would say the only mildly difficult part was despldering the original PCB, but it’s naturally difficult with 14 year old hardware

  2. Bry Nguyen (verified owner)

    Great and works awesome!
    Highly recommend.

    May I suggest an alternative for people doing this modification that they could just add a spacer to the raise the board up where the screw mount is and then cut out a majority of the plastic in the neck to get everything to fit in. This is a method that I found reduces the percentage of human error doing this mod.

    If you remove content from the buttons instead of the neck, although very possible, it’s somewhat difficult/tedious to get them all the same depth.

    If you cut the plastic fins that would support the underside of the fretboard when you press on frets, you can sink the board lower, essentially the same end result but alternative approach.

    if you cut all of it out, you can also add layers of 3M foam inside of what you cut out so that it not only reduces the echoing rattle sound of the guitar plastic but also acts the board support when the frets are pushed down.

    • BrianV

      Do you have photos to share?

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