More Fret Switch Options


Written by BrianV

October 26, 2022

I’ve added 4 new switches to the HobbyCNC Guitar Hero mechanical fret boards for a total of 6 button options:

  • No switches (PC Board Only)
  • Yellow – Linear | 70g Operating Force
  • Orange – Tactile | 70g Operating Force
  • Pale Blue – Clicky | 70g  Operating Force
  • Red – Linear | 50g Operating Force
  • Brown – Tactile | 50g Operating Force

Colors other than Yellow are built-to-order and may require a day-or-two additional for shipping.

I’ve tried all the switches, and it’s hard for me to tell any difference. Nevertheless, I’ll build ’em like you want ’em.

Rainbow background Image by on Freepik

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