Handy Measurement Jigs

When I’ve got free time, I love to play around with 3D printing, my HobbyCNC DIY Router and electronics. There is that point in the design where the schematic (or drawing) needs to turn into a real, physical product, and, like most hobbyists/makers, I’ve got a collection of parts that aren’t always well organized, or some part I need to match or duplicate. So I made a couple of quick-and-dirty measurement tools that work great for me!

It’s never clear to me if that machine screw is an M4 or a 8-32, an M3 or a 4-40.

Super simple design, simple assembly, small and handy. 2″ x 1/8″ x 8.6″.

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I’ve got drawers of parts that have accumulated over time. Many without data sheets, and it’s always a chore to identify the exact pin pitch (spacing between leads).

So I whipped-up a tool to help identify the pitch quickly and accurately.

DIY CNC, HobbyCNC, PC Board Isolation Routing
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