User Upgrade Experience (Video)

HobbyCNC Guitar Hero Fret Board Upgrade video

Written by BrianV

April 17, 2022

A really great upgrade-experience video from NinjaPwns AtLife on YouTube. There’s more to the upgrade than just putting in the HobbyCNC replacement fret board. There are occasionally mods to the board (in this case mounting holes were a tad too small), and, of course, the frets need to be shortened.

Note: to minimize fret button travel, they should be shortened such that they depress the switch about 1/2 to 1 mm.  That does three things: 1: it shortens the amount of fret travel before the note is made, 2: it puts more ‘spring’ or ‘bounce-back’ on the fret button and 3: eliminates “slop” that would let the fret button be ‘loose’ in the guitar when not pressed.

Very nicely filmed with great explanations of what needs to be done. Well videoed and very well explained. Check it out and give him a ‘thumbs-up’.

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