I recently assembled 5 PRO 4-axis boards. I’m pretty careful. I follow directions. I am quite familiar with the boards.

Only 60% (three out of five for you non-math types) worked first time! Oh the shame.  Careful(er) visual inspection revealed the problems:

  • One board, I neglected to solder one of the pull-up SIP packages.
  • Other board (image to the right): I had one electrolytic capacitor in backwards (they don’t like that). It was quickly replaced.- You can’t just turn them back around the right way, you’ve got to replace them!

The moral of this story is pretty clear and is consistent with my years in tech support – the majority of problems can be found with careful visual inspection. Yes, I did use magnification to check all my solder joints. All my soldering was perfect. Nevertheless, both of the issues I had were found without anything but my eyes.

* Kudos to everyone who caught the intentional spelling error in the blog title.