Legacy, discontinued HobbyCNC Products

This information is provided for your convenience.  These products are no longer manufactured and are no longer supported. Here is all the available information on these products. Consider reading the HobbyCNC Yahoo Support Group for assistance.

This information is provided “as-is”.

HobbyCNC 4AUPC 4-Axis board. Replaced by HobbyCNC PRO Stepper Motor Controller board for DIY CNC Router, DIY CNC Mill, DIY CNC Lathe, Homemade CNC, DIY CNC Router electronics, DIY CNC Mill electronics, DIY CNC Lathe electronics

HobbyCNC PRO Rev 1

PRO 4th Axis Upgrade Kit


I do not have access to schematics for these products.

4AUPC Rev 0

4AUPC Rev 1

4AUPC Rev 2

4th axis upgrade 4AUPC ONLY

4th-axis-4aupc-upgrade-kit-instructions  (.pdf)