Frequently Asked Questions

Only some of the buttons work or one button activates two colors.

Sometimes only a few buttons work, sometimes the wrong ‘color’ is pressed (e.g. press the blue button, but GH thinks the yellow button was pushed), sometimes it’s a combination of these issues.

There’s a few things that can cause this:

  1. Solder bridge where you soldered on the cable. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us!
    Quickly running your hot soldering iron between the bridged pads (as if it was a knife) will usually do the trick.
    You can see some good examples here on the All About Circuits website.
  2. Sort of the opposite of a solder bridge is a cold solder joint. It may look connected, but it ain’t. Usually re-heating that joint and a touch more solder will fix the problem
    You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about these on the WellPCB website.
    I also had an ‘explosive’ experience with a cold solder joint – see my blog post “Where has all the power gone?
  3. You accidentally flipped-over the ribbon cable. The ribbon cable should the ‘same side up’ as when you took it off.
    The only difference is that you feed the wires ‘up’ from the under side (e.g. the button side) of the board to solder.
  4. You got the wrong board. The damn things look a LOT alike. Don’t worry (be happy). Send me a photo of the fret board you took out of your guitar (not the one you bought from me) and I’ll double-check it for you.
    If we determine you ordered the wrong board, I’ll send you the right board at no charge, but you’ve got to promise me to return the ‘wrong’ board. You get to pay return postage. It’s a fair deal.

Shipping Questions

How do you ship?

  • We normally ship USPS First Class Mail, padded envelope. There is no tracking number for 1st Class Mail.
  • Optionally, you can select USPS Priority Mail. It’s 4x as expensive, but you do get a tracking number.

How long does it take for you to ship my order?

  • I process the orders every day, they usually ship in the next days US mail pick-up. No shipments on Sunday or US Federal Holidays.
  • I will get them out the same day if possible.

How long does it take to receive my board?

  • USPS 1st class can take from 3-7 days (Domestic) and 1-4 weeks international.
  • No promises though, as the USPS has become quite a bit less predictable, especially for international shipments.

How do I know what board to buy?

I was shocked to find out that there are (at least) 9 different fret boards, depending on the guitar and the game system. So much for ‘standards’.
I can also appreciate that it may not be easy to tell one board from another. For instance, the GH-07 and GH-08 look identical, but they ain’t.
Whereas the GH-03 and GH-04 are electrically identical, but have different sized mounting holes.

If you’ve downloaded and studied the Guitar Hero Board Identification Charts but you still can’t be 100% sure, don’t worry – you may have the 10th variation that I haven’t seen yet.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a good, well lit photo of the original fret board from your guitar – I only need one photo of the side of the board with the traces and switch pads on it.
  2. Email the photo and a short explanation to

I’ll take a look for you.

My fret board isn’t on your list.

Well, if there’s at least 9 different boards, it’s likely there’s more.

Here’s my deal:

  1. Photos – the more the better. Send me good, well-lit photos of :
    1. both sides of the original-equipment fret board.
    2. the whole guitar front
    3. the ID/serial/model number sticker on the back
    4. where/how the board mounts into the neck
    5. Email to
  2. Guitar Type. Include the name of the guitar.
  3. Game System. is this guitar for PS, # Xbox, Wii?

If it’s really a new board, and I want to make it, you send me the board (I need the ‘real thing’ for good measurements).

When the board comes back from the production house, I’ll send you one with switches installed, at no charge (I get to keep your old board in exchange). It takes about 3-4 weeks to design and manufacture. Time varies depending on the demands of my day job!

How do I modify my fret buttons?

Well, this is the most challenging part of the project.
I’ve received ideas and inputs from several customers and associates.

Check out the page Modify Fret Buttons for an excellent tutorial on using a Dremel as well as a list of other ideas.
If you have a technique that works, please let me know and send some photos to

Do the switches come already on the board?

Yes. The the boards ship with the switches soldered onto the board.

How do I upgrade my frets to mechanical switches?

It’s not all that difficult, but some tools and skills are needed

  1. Soldering iron and solder
  2. T-10 Torx driver
  3. The proper HobbyCNC replacement fret board
  4. Some method to modify the fret buttons

You can find the step-by-step here Guitar Hero Fret Switch Upgrade.

Information on modifying the fret buttons is here Modify Fret Buttons.

What’s the difference between a GH-07 and GH-08

The difference between the GH-07 and GH-08 HobbyCNC Replacement Guitar Hero Fret Boards

These boards  can look a lot alike. Look at the original fret board from your guitar.

Look closely where the cable connects to the PC board. If you see the two little wires pointed to by the red arrows, then you need the GH-08 board.

I still can’t figure out why all these guitars cant ‘play well together’ and use the same board!?!