SmoothStepper & HobbyCNC

HobbyCNC Board kits are fully compatible with SmoothStepper board by Warp9 Tech Design.

SmoothStepper from Warp 9 Tech Design, Inc. provides an interface between your PC’s USB or ethernet and a motor driver board. The SmoothStepper supports CAM software from Mach3 & Mach4 software.  If you need either an ethernet or USB connection to your PC (rather than a parallel port) then the SmoothStepper is a valid solution.  Additionally, the SmoothStepper provide plenty of programmable I/O pins for reading limit/home switches or controlling pumps or spindles.


The SmoothStepper will provide outputs that are pin-for-pin compatible with the HobbyCNC boards (note there are differences between the pinouts of the HobbyCNC PRO and EZ boards).


Another extra-cool feature is the ability for the SmoothStepper to drive up to three (3) HobbyCNC boards, for a maximum of 12 axis! (Fig 2).

Fig 1. Typical SmoothStepper and HobbyCNC wiring diagram.

Fig 2. Typical SmoothStepper connected to multiple (up to 3) HobbyCNC boards.

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