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3 & 4 axis stepper motor driver board kits. Compact, powerful, easy to build.  For the DIY CNC router, mill, lathe, or robot!

Since 1999, HobbyCNC has been selling a variety of high-quality DIY hobby CNC products from router plans and stepper motors to full CNC kits for the desktop machinist and DIY hobbyist.  Our boards are compact, low cost and reliable.

Stepper Motor Driver Kits

If you are modifying your existing desktop mill to a desktop cnc machine, or you are building a DIY CNC router or DIY CNC machine of any type (including robots), our board is the best way to get the motors turning!

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Our HobbyCNC PRO (image below) and HobbyCNC EZ are provided as kits that you build.  You can compare the product features here.  The boards are clearly labeled and the parts count is kept to a minimum to make assembly as easy as possible!

See what’s involved in assembly with step-by-step visual instructions on Instructables for the HobbyCNC PRO and HobbyCNC EZ.

HobbyCNC Pro Chopper Board Stepper Motor Driver Kits

HobbyCNC Pro Chopper Board (shown assembled)


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