Warranty Questions

HobbyCNC Fret Replacement Button Burnt Oran

Written by BrianV

February 24, 2022

I do give every board a good visual inspection, but I don’t test the individual buttons.
Out of close to 2,500 buttons, I’ve had only one go bad (That I’ve been told about).
But if you do have a button go ‘bad’ within the first year, I will send you a replacement button at no charge. (I might ask for shipping if outside the US).
If the board is still new (like 45 days), I will also give you the option to send a whole new board.
For my money, it’s MUCH easier to replace one button (two big solder joints) vs. replacing the board (from 6 to 8 small solder joints).
The only horse I have in the race is for you to be playin’ Guitar Hero!
Just drop a note to [email protected].

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