GH-BTN-02. “Adjustable” Fret Button


Two downloadable STL files (switch body & plunger) for the World Tour Guitar frets when using the HobbyCNC Mechanical Fret Board upgrade.
Use to help figure out how much the underside of your fret buttons will need to be ‘shortened’. Single ZIP file contains both STL files.
No warranty, As-Is.

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Guitar Hero World Tour Fret Button “tester”

One STL file with an adjustable “plunger” to check/test how much needs to be removed from the underside of your fret buttons.
Tolerances are tight, you will need to ‘fidget’ with the shaft of the plunger and the hole in the button top to get the pieces to fit nicely together.
I don’t know if snug or loose is better.
Plunger ‘shaft’ will stick up above the button top – telling you exactly what you need to remove or which buttons to 3D print (STL Files: World Tour Guitar Fret Buttons)
Downloadable ZIP file containing two .STL files.
Works with World Tour and Les Paul Guitars – No idea if it works with other Guitars.
(do let me know if you try it on other guitars)


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