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    From Blog comment:

    Help needed! I’ve had my Hobby CNC for a few years now but have had problems off and on. I am using Mach 3 and when I set up the travel as instructed the travel when running is about half of what it should be.

    Can you tell me exactly how you set it up in Mach3? See HobbyCNC & Mach3 Software Configuration.

    Do you have microstepping enabled on the HobbyCNC Board? See FAQ Microstepping Configuration.

    I’ve changed the setting by doubling the inches per but that’s not totally correct. Also I have trouble with the Z axis that when it goes down sometimes it doesn’t star back up immediately when commanded there fore the Z axis will be off and when it moves it will collide with the stock. I think it may be something with the controller board when I built it or the stepper motor may be faulty. Any help would be appreciated. I like running the machine but it’s frustrating when it screws up.

    Carefully and thoroughly review the FAQ Missing steps – motor not behaving properly.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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