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    I assembled a board received last week, and really enjoyed the project. The instruction booklet was very clear and all tests during assembly went well.

    I did a bench test and had some problems with pin assignments since I had followed an internet post that had drive and step pins reversed. Once I stumbled across the correct pin assignments everything worked.

    I was playing around with increasing velocity and acceleration settings in Mach3, since I had set them very low for initial testing, and found the Z axis quit working. I inspected the board and discovered a short (1/4″ long) single wire strand from the motor wire had found its way under the board and was sitting across a couple pins of the Z axis stepper driver chip. I changed motors around to make sure there was no problem there, and my tests suggest that something on the board has failed.

    Is there a test I can do to isolate the problem. I have only a multimeter to test with.

    Any help appreciated.


    Well, there’s not really a lot of things that can go bad, and there’s not really a lot of diagnosis that can be done either.

    I’d have you start at the FAQs


    If it’s a bad chip, email me brian at hobbycnc dot com and we’ll work it out.



    I installed a new drive chip on that axis and all is well now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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