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    David Bray

    A little piece of shrink tubing on the threaded rod adds enough diameter for a snug fit in the 1/4″ ID bearing.

    A couple drops of hot glue holds the aluminum angle in place.

    Question: Does the base get a top and bottom? And can the sacrificial top be the only top?


    Thanks for the tips!

    Regarding the sacrificial board, you are free to do whatever you desire. The current design has, as you point out, two “tops”. The “first” top is actually part of the torsion box, glued-and-screwed into place – providing mechanical integrity and rigidity to the base assembly. The “second” top is just screwed onto the torsion box. Shit happens, tools to go deep, the base gets damaged. My sacrificial board is getting kind of messed-up with cutting oils. Also, I suggest cutting “t” slots in the sacrificial board to enable clamping your work piece. I wouldn’t suggest putting those tracks in the torsion box – just seems to me that this would weaken the structure considerably.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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