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    Dennis Bird


    There was one post on this a while back but I am new to all of this and just got the EZ kit with 3oz motors. I have an extra Corsair CX600 power supply and was wondering if this has enough juice and can be adapted to run the CNC. There’s a bunch of different specs on this and I’m not sure which ones are relevant. Looks like 12v output. And if it will work, is there a conversion or modification that needs to happen?

    Thanks for your help


    Well, for a PC power supply, the specs seem pretty impressive:

    	DC Output	+3.3V	+5V	+12V	-12V	+5Vsb
    	Max Load	25A	25A	46A	0.8A	3.0A

    It is always handy to have an extra +5V available too.

    HOWEVER, 12V would not be my first choice. It will likely work well for smaller motors. You got the 305 oz in motors. At 12V you will not see the speed or torque these motors are capable of delivering.

    I’d strongly recommend you power it with the max (36VDC) and at least 7.5 Amps to get the most from these motors.

    These motors are a HUGE inductive load – they resist any changes in current, so one needs to really “slam” them with a high voltage (way over the 3 or 4 volts per winding in the specs) to really force the current to change quickly.

    Summary: I wouldn’t use that supply in ‘production’, though it might suffice for testing, and it won’t do any damage.


    Dennis Bird

    Perfect, thanks so much for the reply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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