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    Charles Carlisle

    So, I’m using the FoamPro board for a 3-axis router (as a disclaimer – up front). It’s actually working very well on Mach 3 and not heating up, however my Y axis calibrated to just 40 steps/mm and it’s very, very rough when running a job.

    SO, I was hoping the JP1-4 are jumpers to get me finer steps? The problem is weird as all axis use the same lead screw and stepper motor. The computer/board combo will be used for both foam cutting and milling for now.

    I’ve lost my documentation as this is a 7-year project (sat in a box) – so what do the jumpers by each drive hook-up do?

    Joe Helmstetter

    Hi Charles,

    If you didn’t get your answer, J1 – J4 give the option for FULL steps (Jumper ON) or Half steps (Jumper OFF). I too had my board (Foam Pro Rev 1) sitting in a box on the shelf but just decided to assemble it yesterday. After all those years I was only missing 1 small capacitor which was easily replaced. Now, I have to make room for a CNC foam cutter…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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