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    David Bray

    I know that the “panic button” will stop the controller (pin 13) but how does it cut the 110 power to the spindle?


    Dear David,
    The answer is “it depends”. It depends on
    A) how your software is set up and your spindle control is wired.
    B) how you have the panic button wired. Mine kills the mains power to everything except the PC. One like,this:


    Alwyn van der Merwe

    I’m also at a point that I want to start wiring my machine.
    I don’t want to proceed without my E-Stop, but it seems that a schematic is nowhere to be found.
    Could you perhaps provide such a sketch? I have a Hobbycnc EZ 3 axis board.
    Greetings from Dark Africa


    This information is in the FAQ Home & Limit Switches. You can use the same limit circuit and add an estop switch in line. Be aware this alone will not stop the spindle.

    I just edited the Home & Limit Switches FAQ since it was not obvious where the hyperlinks were.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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