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    I finally received the USB GGC from GMFC I programed it and hooked up. I had previously set the pro board up for .28 volts 2A. I could only get one axis to move the heat sink got warm to the touch. I turned off ps and unplugged all connections doubled checked all connections tried a second time with same results.

    NOw a little background when I received the pro board from you I set it up then wired the steppers to the connectors. Not knowing that there was no timer on the board I plugged in the parallel cable and of course, the GMFC program did not see timer so it would not work. In the short amount time, it was all connected the large heat sink got hot to the touch. i disconnected ps then did chcking and emails and found out about no timer.
    Would the short amount of time the board was connected to the computer and ps have damaged the board?
    Is there a procedure/way to test the chips?

    I emailed you a photo of your board and old board the only difference I could notice was the order of the upper and lower case letters for the connection of the steppers. I sent photos by email as I could not reduce the size to fit limitations.

    Hoping you can help me figure this out


    Don, I don’t see any photos.

    Under normal operation, the heatsink will get too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. This is why a fan is recommended for 2A or more (I’d put a fan on it regardless, but that’s just me).

    Here’s where I point everyone when there is a problem:

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